TV / Radio

Television and radio channels in Turkey are interested in Engin’s travels and projects.

He appears live on many national channels talking about his experiences. Below are some of his records.

If you would like to invite him as a guest speaker to your program (physically or through online/phone connection), please get in touch.


5th year of  Turkish Backpackers Society

CNN Turkey Main News. March 2013.


Travel Culture In Turkey

24 TV Channel. March 2013.


Presentation of the book: The Practical Travel Guide Of A Traveler.

TRT Radio 1. October 2012.


All About Travel.

TRT FM Radio. June 2012.


Hospitality Networks.

NTV Channel. April 2012.


Alternative Traveling Methods. Turkish Backpackers Society.

TGRT News. September 2011.


The New Projects in Travel.

TRT News. September 2011.


South America Trip.

TRT FM Radio. August 2011.


Budget Traveling. ‘Freedom Of Travel’ Campaign.

Açık Radio. August 2011.


Turkish Backpackers Society.

A Haber. August 2011.


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