Behind the scenes of all those fancy looking inspiring travel articles is a lot of work done by travel writers.

Engin Kaban works freelance with reputable magazines, newspapers and web portals in Turkey.

He writes destination articles, topic-specific pieces as well as practical travel tips.

Below are some of his work. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate.


A Hotel Made Of Ice

JetLife Magazine (Atlas Jet Airlines). January 2013.

JetLife - Ice Hotel


Happy New Year from World Capitals

 Christmas Markets are Here

2 Articles. JetLife Magazine (Atlas Jet Airlines). December 2012.

JetLife - Christmas Markets And New Year


The World’s All Gardens: Floriade 2012

EkoIq Ecology / Business magazine. October 2012.

EkoIq - The World's All Gardens


You have never seen such a garden!

JetLife Magazine (Atlas Jet Airlines). October 2012.

JetLife - Floriade


Practical Information for a logical and economical holiday

Voyager Magazine. September 2012.

Voyager - Practical Information


7 hot destinations to lengthen your summer holiday

Voyager Magazine. September 2012.

Voyager - 7 Hot Destinations


Ecology and Music Festivals

EkoIq Ecology / Business magazine. September 2012.

EkoIq - Ecology and Music Festivals


Roskilde Festival.

Voyager Magazine. August 2012.

Voyager - Roskilde Festival


Siesta And Fiesta.

Voyager Magazine. August 2012.

Voyager - Siesta And Fiesta


A Medieval Scene: Dubrovnik

JetLife Magazine (Atlas Jet Airlines). August 2012.

JetLife - Dubrovnik


How to become an ecological traveler?

EkoIq Ecology / Business magazine. June 2012.

EkoIq - Ecological Traveler


Midnight sun in northern Norway

Voyager Magazine. June 2012.

Voyager - Midnight Sun


Hospitality Networks

EkoIq Ecology / Business magazine. March 2012.

EkoIq - Hospitality Networks


Country of salt and dust: Bolivia

Voyager Magazine. March 2012.

Voyager - Bolivia


Bozdağ Ski Center

Voyager Magazine. February 2012.



Do you fancy time-travel? Paraguay

Voyager Magazine. January 2012.

Voyager - Paraguay



SunTimes Magazine (SunExpress Airlines). January 2012.

SunTimes - Pomegranate


Hitchhiking. Economical And Ecological.

EkoIq Ecology / Business magazine. January 2012.

EkoIq - Hitcchiking - Economical And Ecological


Wines of Bozcaada

SunTimes Magazine (SunExpress Airlines). December 2011.

SunTimes - Wines Of Bozcaada


Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Paris

The Gate Magazine. December 2011.

The Gate - Paris


One Year in South America

Voyager Magazine. November 2011.

Voyager - South America


Sirince Village.

The Gate Magazine. November 2011.

The Gate - Sirince Village



SunTimes Magazine (SunExpress Airlines). November 2011.

SunExpress - Ankara


The Meeting Point of Cultures: Macedonia

The Gate Magazine. October 2011.

The Gate - Macedonia



Haber Turk Newspaper. September 2011.

Haber Turk Tatil - Dubai


Montevideo Carnaval.

The Gate Magazine. September 2011.

The Gate - Montevideo Carnaval


Being a Traveler Is A Hard Thing

The Gate Magazine. August 2011.

The Gate - Being A Traveler


İzmir Kızlarağası Caravanserai

The Gate Magazine. August 2011.

The Gate - Kizlaragasi


The Windsurfing Paradise Alaçatı

The Gate Magazine. July 2011.

The Gate - Alacati


Interviewing Novelist, Story Writer and Travel Writer Buket Uzuner

The Gate Magazine. June 2011.

The Gate - Buket Uzuner


The Land of Warm Blooded and Colorful People: Colombia

The Gate Magazine. May 2011.

the gate - kolombiya


The Address for Nature Tourism: Butterfly Valley

The Gate Magazine. May 2011.

the gate - butterfly valley


Ice Hotel.

Cumhuriyet Newspaper Travel Edition. October 2008.













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